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Play-By-Play: Sisterhooves Social

In these little play-by-plays I watch an episode and as it goes on I make commentary on it. It’s kind of like a Riff Track only there’s no time limit on jokes based on the progression of what you’re watching. And of course be aware that this commentary will contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

So after Rarity being conspicuously absent from Luna Eclipsed and Sweetie Belle not having any speaking lines in that same episode (no seriously who the hell is this Pip kid and why is he stealing the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ screen time?), they finally get their own episode exploring the relationship between the two of them. Will Rarity stop neglecting her little sister? Will Sweetie Belle stop being so annoying? Will either of them have a song? The answers to these questions will be revealed…

…right now. No, no, and probably.

Here’s the embed.

0:21 – Wow, Rarity is too lazy to a) wake up before her sister and make breakfast for her and b) at least teach Sweetie Belle how to make breakfast for herself without burning the house down.

0:30 – “You ruined the surprise! I was gonna burn the house down and make it look like an accident so we could collect the insurance money and become rich!”

0:37 – We’re going to the intro already? Well that was quick. No seriously, I think this is come kind of record for this show.

1:15 – Who are the Guido tourists sitting at that table?

1:20 – You’re kidding. Rarity’s parents are white trash? This is too funny to put into words.

1:31 – That’s not very surprising. I’ve burnt soup before. Long story.

1:50 – Melted toast. I am actually applauding Sweetie Belle right now because that’s just too amazing to be shocked or surprised at.

2:21 – How did she carry all that? Did her unicorn telekinesis finally manifest itself?

2:50 – Ah, cereal. The breakfast of lazy people since 1863.

3:08 – Who puts eggs in cereal? I guess you shouldn’t eat anything that people in this family cook.

3:24 – And of course perfectionist Rarity thinks putting parsley on eggs is a huge deal.

3:33 – For god’s sake, just use your magic.

3:58 – Hey Sweetie Belle, hold dat.

4:34 – More great faces. I hope everyone’s reaction image folder is happy about season 2.

4:55 – And your gif folder too.

5:10 – “I never got in trouble for drawing! Except for that one time Rarity found out about my Rule 34…”

5:18 – “I never got in trouble for stealing!”

5:35 – If they’re so important and you need them for a client, why didn’t you put them somewhere secure? Like in the aforementioned workroom? And if this client is so important, why aren’t you working on that dress right now?

6:20 – Well, if episode 18 is any indication, no, you can’t do anything right.

6:55 – “Organized chaos”? Artists…

7:25 – Between this and Lesson Zero, there seems to be a lot of teeth grinding going on in MLP.

7:38 – Hey, it’s Apple Bloom with a flyer for the…”Sihovi Ivcioccrlo”? Sounds like some kind of cult.

7:56 – Well when you describe it like that, it sounds like it’s totally something Sweetie Belle could fuck up.

8:04 – 3, 2, 1…

8:07 – Bingo.

8:40 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy0YN5qFsd4

10:31 – Ouch. That’s probably the unicorn equivalent of being punched in the groin.

If you’re wondering why I’m not commenting on this part much, it’s because there’s really not much to say. Applejack and Apple Bloom have a pretty healthy relationship and it’s pretty much how siblings who are on good terms with each other act. And since this is a kids show we can expect Rarity and Sweetie Belle to pretty much act like this at the end of the episode. I guess if I had to comment on anything it would be that I’m a bit surprised that there hasn’t been a song yet. Usually the songs are in the first half of the episode, and the fact that there hasn’t been one yet is kind of surprising.

10:45 – Rarity, who are you talking to? Opal?

11:15 – Is Applejack making wine? Oh god, she is an alcoholic. And since when does she grow grapes as well as apples? And why was she farming corn in S2E1?

11:42 – “How do you like them grapes?” Well at least she’s not making apple puns.

12:18 – Is this going to continue for everything Sweetie Belle fucked up? Like with the melted toast and stuff?

12:19 – And she also farms livestock? Does the Apple family have some sort of monopoly on agriculture in Ponyville?

12:29 – “Wow, it’s as if they have a healthy relationship with each other instead of one that’s borderline abusive.”

12:35 – And sheep are sentient too. Should I even go into the ethics of farming another sentient being?

12:56 – I have to admit, that is pretty sweet.

13:21 – Wow, Celestia really is worshiped as a god by ponies in Equestria. I guess she is over a thousand years old and controls the sun though.

14:04 – Kid, that’s not how adoption works.

14:45 – Yeah, Sweetie Belle needs to be taught how to beautify her mane because she has horrible taste. I mean she really liked Smarty Pants’ mane.

15:15 – A little early for the moral, don’t you think?

15:35 – Applejack went to the Forrest Gump school of similes. As well as the Forrest Gump school of everything else.

16:07 – So I guess Berry Punch’s sister is that blue filly from last episode.

16:18 – And Carrot Top’s sister is the green one. It’s also impressive how those two unicorns were able to go from winning the pie eating contest to winning the pig contest in 10 seconds flat. I guess Twilight isn’t the only pony who can teleport in Ponyville.

16:20 – Good god, Sweetie Belle, stop obsessing over Rarity, you’re being a killjoy. That was a good impression of Rarity though.

16:48 – I do like how they cut to a background of apples instead of just a generic primary colors action lines background.

16:49 – If you think about going over one day, your cutie mark won’t be the only thing you’ll have to find.

16:55 – It’s funny because old people don’t understand technology! Even though most pioneering computer scientists and engineers are now in their 50s and 60s.

17:21 – Before you ask, that’s not Derpy. Derpy has a lighter colored mane and a different cutie mark.

17:31 – Starting to get creepy, Apple Bloom.

17:51 – I thought Applejack’s eyes were green. FORESHADOWING.

18:07 – I didn’t realize horses could bend their hooves like that.

19:14 – Well that was unexpected. Hooray Berry Punch! That was a great comeback after totally screwing up on the chicken coop part!

19:28 – WHAT A TWIST!

19:58 – Actually, Apple Bloom, technically they still haven’t finished. They completed all the obstacles but they didn’t cross the finish line.

20:33 – I really like her mane! Sweetie Belle’s that is, Rarity’s looks like something a 5 year old would do to torture a Barbie doll. Oh, and Spike finally showed up so now the REAL episode can begin!

20:44 – Hey, Rarity learned the montage spell from Twilight!

20:49 – How do the ponies have an electric smoke alarm?

21:14 – “Alright look, I’m running out of ink, Twilight has more checklists to do, the main oven at Sugarcube Corner is broken and Mrs. Cake asked me to fill in so I’ll have to deal with Pinkie Pie for the rest of the day, I’m tired, my scales itch, I’m getting a claw cramp, and Rarity said she’d blow me. So can we PLEASE hurry this up?”

21:25 – Aww, and the birds learned about sibling love too. Even though they’re probably a different species. It’s also interesting to note that these birds got more screen time than 4 of the main characters combined.

So it seems that now we’re finally getting back into the routine of doing slice-of-life character studies and focusing on the interaction between characters as the main topics for episodes. This is what worked well in season 1 and in season 2 it seems to be going swimmingly. This episode in particular is a good showcasing of some of the show’s best attributes – characters personalities really shine through, they behave the way you’d expect real people to, and the moral is integral to the plot instead of just tacked on at the end.

That said, this episode is definitely not perfect. It’s a solid episode overall, but there are few things that could have been improved. The animation is solid but there are a few hangups that keep it from reaching its full potential, most notably the continuity errors near the end. The music was good, but not having Rarity and Sweetie Belle do a song seems like squandered potential. And finally, there’s the small issue that this episode had 4 of the main characters absent. This is odd to say the least, but there wouldn’t be any way for them to fit in the episode without being shoehorned in. Pinkie Pie is the only one of the 4 absent ponies who had siblings, and they were only seen in one flashback, and Pinkie Pie is insane meaning that her stories are unreliable, so their status in canon is dubious. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are all the only children in their families (for all we know) so it just wouldn’t make any sense for them to appear here. Rarity and Sweetie Belle’s parents also seem like a red herring since they’re only in one scene and don’t leave much of an impact. We really don’t get to know anything about them other than the fact that they look like white trash.

But despite these flaws, it’s still a solid episode. I just wonder if these will be lasting changes or if Rarity will end up going back to being a neglectful sister like before.



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